The Power of Prayer

Eve Herzog, fiance’ of Nick Ketchum, had a successful surgery for Melanoma and
will not need radiation or chemo treatments.  Carolyn Langdon had a successful
surgery for breast cancer and is recuperating well.


Pastor David and his family.
All unspoken prayer request.

Please be in prayer for the Jim "Hammer" Cox family and his friend, Linn
Johnson.  Jim has been on our prayer list for some time and passed away Tuesday.  
Visitation: Thursday @ Yarber mortuary in Willow Springs 6-8PM

Funeral: Friday @ 2:00 @ Willow Springs gym (Mumford gymnasium).

All who are suffering from illnesses:

Don Cheatham
(tumor on one remaining kidney)and wife Ginger
Valerie Downing Smith (breast cancer).
Tonya Cloutier – friend of Lisa Evans (breast cancer)
Bill Rollinger (brain tumor)
Baby Reese Wilson - Nancy Cooper’s niece
Sarah Swartz (cancer)
Pauline Barnes – Sherry Melton’s grandmother (who is 94 years old and not well).
Floyd Hamilton – co-worker of David Williams (bladder cancer).
Laverne Fite (who is in the nursing home), and John Fite (who is not well).
Gene Pulliam - Sharon Cooper’s uncle (cancer).
Josie Dillard - daughter of Larry and Rhonda Evans’ friend – (a brain disorder).
Pat Cronk - Minister friend of Darius and Sharon Cooper(cancer).
Carolyn Langdon (breast cancer).
Brenda Frost - Darius’ cousin (cancer).

All who need prayer:
Jay - friend of Linn Johnson, Jordon Haden, Mark Sovine, Peggy Williams, Jim
Chauncey, Bobby Simpson, Casey Morgan, Erma Evans, Donnie Naegle. Alex -
nephew of Rodger and Kim Hickerson. Terry Palmere – friend of Jack and Sherry
Melton, Colleen – Jeremy’s mother, Robby & Cindy Rogers,  Michael & Terri
Rogers,  The Burton family, Harold Griffith, Cecil Welch, William Curtwright,
Mona Welch family, Randy and Danny Batesel, Jacob Evans, Marie - Kim and
Peggy’s grandmother. Bob Severson – Rodger’s co-worker.

2. For Israel
3. All who are working on the border with the humanitarian crisis
4. All Americans in harms way to be returned to USA safely and soon
5. Church Members to be called to serve as Deacons and Adult Sunday School
6. For our church leaders to make the right decisions for the future of the church.
7. That all church attendees know that they are loved, appreciated and welcomed.
8. For all who are working today and cannot attend services.
9. For married couples who are struggling.
10. Our schools, Our children, Our Country, Our troops,
11. Samaritan Outreach and the homeless families.
12. Persecuted Christians all over the world.
13. Reach International Healthcare – Dr. Sam and Sherry Evans