Special Announcements
Special Announcements
Verily, verily, I say
unto thee, Except a
man be born of Water
and of the Spirit he
cannot enter the
Kingdom of God!  
-John 3:5
These floaters were put in the water by Tyler and David at 9
am and should have been farther down the river by the time
we had our baptism at 5:30. Hopefully, there was some
people in that group who benefited from witnessing this
blessed event.
Great food and
Congratulations to
Stephanie and Michael
Underwood! They were
baptised during our 4th
of July Pig Roast.
Baptism is on request.  When
you are ready for this
important step, please let
Pastor David know.

Please be in prayer for the Jim "Hammer" Cox family and his friend,
Linn Johnson.  Jim has been on our prayer list for some time and passed
away Tuesday.  

Visitation: Thursday @ Yarber mortuary in Willow Springs 6-8PM
Funeral: Friday @ 2:00 @ Willow Springs
Gym (Mumford Gymnasium)

Happy Anniversary
Glen & Kathy Neumann (Aug. 3rd) & Dennis & Kathy Renken (Aug. 5th)